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Friday, May 21, 2010

Saturday Sale - Polka Dot Teddy

Happy Weekend everyone! I am trying to be enthusiastic, but feeling a bit uninspired. I had a long week, and feel like I am in a bit of creative slump. I have ideas in my head, but something gets lost between head and hand.  Perhaps you all have had moments, weeks, or even months like this?  

I know a good hug from someone (something) sure does help, so that is why I am giving up my Polka Dot Teddy this week for someone who needs a great hug, for someone who needs that unconditional support from a cuddly buddy. I still have his cousin, Teddy Dog (still needing that tail sewn on!) so I won't be left alone, but thought one of my fellow creative readers could use a smile.
You can get this Polka Dot Teddy this weekend for only $10.00!! (he is in my shop for $18, so that is more than 40% off!!)  He is soft, he is colorful, he has the best blue eyes, and is very lovable.  For you, your kids, your grandkids, neices, nephews, etc. Anyone who would love a great hug and who loves being cheered up by polka dots.

Please send me a message with the 'secret code' PDT (Polka Dot Teddy) and you can get him for only $10, until Sunday night. (until midnight, May 23rd) I will adjust the price prior to your purchase, or give a paypal refund, whichever works better for you. 

Here's to all our creative juices flowing! I am going to go get a hug from PD Teddy before he is shipped off to one lucky person this weekend. 

Have a great weekend all, and don't forget to leave your support comments, and see what other Saturday Blog Shoppers sellers are having great deals this weekend too.


  1. Such a cute Teddy. Here's my hug OOOOOO to you.
    Happy Salesday.

  2. Love this little have such talent! Have a good Saturday! the way, weren't you thinking of heading out to our neck of the woods soon?

  3. Oh my! So cute! I hope he finds a great home~

  4. He is so adorable. I hope you find someone that really needs that special hug/love for him to go to. Have a great Saturday.

  5. How cute! Going now to check out your Etsy shop! This is my first week participating, so please come and check my blog & Etsy store out!
    Jennifer @ The Craft Barn

    I'm following your blog now!

  6. He is adorable! How can you bear to let him go? I myself have been dealing with creative issues, which you can read about on my blog, while you're cruising the SBS blogs. Anyway, take your time, don't push. In my experience, when I am uncreative and try to make something, the heart just isn't in it. Do your yoga, take a walk, let yourself just BE.

  7. Happy Saturday Blog Shopper to you!!! And may the "creative force" be with you! :)

  8. Thank yo so much everyone! I hope he finds a good home too! Your hugs and good wishes for creativity seemed to have helped - I picked up some suplies for my next creation, and hope to take a stab at it today! What would I do without this great group of fellow creators? :)


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