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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thank you Bluejules! I love my bag.

I won! I won!
I won a giveaway from Bluejules!
Now I am not usually a lucky winner, so this completely caught me by surprise when I heard that I won this giveaway on her blog Bluejules Sews. I received this beautiful bag, all the way from Slovenia, where Bluejules home is. I was thrilled when it arrived, and found that it is well made, a great color, a great size, and the inside pocket is perfect.

I will admit, I didn't know anything about Slovenia. I didn't even know exactly where the country was!  I was very curious about where this talented creator, Brigita, was from.   So, as anyone in this day and age would do, I Binged it.

So there it is, in between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. Nestled in beautiful Alpes country, touching the Adriatic Sea, with so much to offer.  Their tourism site tells it all and is absolutely beautiful!

I like the fact that the country seems to be so in touch with nature. Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe, dozens of thermal springs in eastern Slovenia have therapeutic properties, and over a third of the territory of Slovenia is protected.
In Slovenia, you can be at the sea or a ski resort in a matter of hours.  One percent of it's territory is covered by vineyards, and there are some 10,000 kilometres of marked hiking trails laid out across Slovenia.

There are caves that are amazing in the southwestern area of the country, the most popular being Postojna Cave.  The famous Concert Hall in this cave system is known for its exceptional acoustics, has sufficient space for 10,000 people leading symphony orchestras, octets, and a variety of soloists to perform here.
(Lander at the Slovenian Wikipedia project is the copyright holder of this work, and can be seen on Wikipedia)

The more I learned about the area, the more intrigued I was, and I didn't even touch on the history, politics, or castles.  What an interesting place.  I am so glad I had a chance to learn more about it, and learn where the creator of such an excellent bag came from. 

Thank you Brigita - for the bag - and the learning experience. 
You do such excellent work, I wanted to share some of my favorite things from you shop as well.


                                                                          Spider Web Shirt

Please check out Brigita's shop and blog you will find some well made, creative things that come from a very talented, and friendly creator.


  1. Wow, you really did a lot of research. ;) Thanks for this lovely piece. I'm so used to the place that I sometimes forget that we live in a beautiful country. :)

  2. Slovenia sounds like a dream! I'd love to be able to head to the sea or up to slopes to ski without traveling very far. Plus, those hiking trails and the caves, castles and other attractions sound amazing.

    Brigita is talented, what a lovely shop!

  3. A great description of our small country. I`m glad to see that people are interested in it. Congrats on wining that bag ... :)


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