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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Music Monday! The Thong Song

This is the only appropriate Music Monday song for my newest creations.
Thongs have arrived!

When Raige Creations first opened online, it was suggested that I make intimate items, thongs in particular. I thought, 'thongs, does anyone wear those anymore? I don't know about that...'

But lo and behold, a custom order soon came in, assuring me that a 'His and Hers' set of thongs was desired - if I could make them. So I searched for a pattern the clients would like, had to tweak it a bit for the his version, made 3 'test' thongs, and decided on the final pattern that would give them what they wanted.  And here they are.
His and Hers Thongs - "Scandalous and Devilish".

I made another 'hers' thong, in Ruby Red, that is available for the first lucky sized petit to purchase.
Pictured here is the ladies petit size small (28-30 inch waist) 
Ruby Red Flower Thong
Available at my Etsy store or my Zibbet store.  Look in the Intimates section.


  1. Those are cute!

    Thong, Tha Thong Thawng Thawng! :)

  2. Your Thongs look Great~ Although when I was a girl and young woman (not that I am all that ancient yet), thongs were what we wore on our feet.

  3. (lets just pray that you don't get any "customer appreciation" photos ! ) LOL!!!


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