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Friday, May 14, 2010

Saturday Blog Shoppers...I am tired so EVERYTHING is on sale....

Wow, did this week fly by!!! I am so tired, and the weekend snuck up on me this week. 
So... I decided to have a
Store-Wide sale.

EVERYTHING is on sale this Saturday.

I will take 20% off any item in both of my stores.
(sorry, I have to exclude the stick shift cozies, as they are already on sale, a steal at only @2.50 each!!)

Please contact me before your purchase, and mention
and I will adjust the sale price prior to your purchase. 

Remember, everything at 20% off!
Saturday Only. 
(excluding stick shift cozies)

Please don't forget the other wonderful sellers that offer Saturday Blog Shoppers Sales too! (Just follow the link to see the great list.)


  1. A great sale. Sorry you're so tired. Maybe a sale will help you feel better. Happy Saturday Blog shopping.

  2. I know a sale will make me feel better! :)
    Thank Kayz!

  3. I hope you'll get a chance to rest this weekend, and that you'll make many sales. Good luck.

  4. That's a great sale...I love your work. I have my eye on one of your purses, but need $...maybe when tax return comes in...have a great Saturday!

  5. Great sale promo. Good luck on sales.


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