Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Wow, Where Did December Go? Wait....It's March Now!

I first started this in January, asking 'And now almost half of January?'
But now it is MARCH!
Time sure does fly.
And I try to write, and am plagued by 'Where do I even start?'
Then I start, and never quite finish.

So, time flies but have I been having fun?
A bit, yes. That and a bit of a piled on work load at the 9-5.
Work load over full, the lead up to the holidays flew by, and suddenly our house was full.
Kids were home from College and they got me to play a bit.
I even miraculously got some time off from work!
And I even managed to get the whole family up before sunrise Christmas Day to watch the sunrise together. Best present ever!
Christmas Day 2016 Sunrise via Raige Creations
But suddenly the holidays were over, and I was back to work and they were back to school.
The house was again so quiet.

In January, I though maybe, just maybe I can get back to more writing and creating.
I tried to make it higher on my priorities this year.
(Not that I made resolutions...the 'thing' this year is no hard cut resolutions, and yes, I hopped on that bandwagon. I was never good at them anyways.)

I had decided to get back to writing and creating.
Ha, it is now March and neither have been making it in to my daily grind.

But the Spring is a time of re-birth, right?
So here I am, writing.

I am set on enjoying life this year too.
Hubby and I started to incorporate SUNRISES in with our coffee routine, making 'enjoying the little things' part of what we do regularly now.

Creativity has been creeping in there too. I got some great shots of sunrises.
And I may just take some of the photos and offer them in cards or calendars or something.
But, that there will take some time to work into my daily grind too, so I hope another 3 months don't go by before that happens.
Christmas Day 2016 Sunrise via Raige Creations
I also decided I am going to learn to sail!
Not right away, the water is too cold.
Also, we have to save up some money for that because hubby said he would go with me too!
He knows a little about sailing, but said he would do it with me because he could use a refresher.
So this is a great thing to look forward to this year.
Hubby and me doing something fun together.
I am learning something toally new, with my best friend!

A pipe dream is getting a sail boat but that is another post altogether, and years away.

So, let's focus on this year, and reality. No harsh specific things with deadlines. Attainable goals.

Enjoy the simple things.
Have some fun.
Learn something new.
Connect further with those close to you.
Do what you love.

It doesn't have to be the beginnign of the year to decide to do these things either.
No better time than the present.
Or, another way to say it:
via instagram

Did you approach 2017 in this way? Did you decide to make changes in your life like this too, and not resolutions?

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