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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Not Your Grandma's Jewelry Workshop and Gold Buying Event

Do you have vintage costume jewelry that is beautiful and sentimental, but missing rhinestones, too short, or a bit out of fashion? (i.e. Grandma’s clip earrings) Well we are having a workshop to put your old jewelry to good use.
Shelly's design, using elements from other vintage pieces
May 3rd, starting at 12 noon, bring your cherished jewelry to this workshop at Blue Rage of Asheville, and re-design and transform this jewelry to be wearable once again. Shelly Johnston, Asheville based jewelry designer specializing in re-purposing vintage jewelry, will help you design and re-manufacture your pieces to meet your tastes and specifications.
Charm Bracelet designed by Shelly, bringing vintage to modern day.
If you don't have old jewelry, come anyways! Shelly will have a large selection of authentic vintage pieces for you to choose to purchase from, and you can still create a unique and meaningful necklace, earrings, or bracelet. 
Charm Bracelet using sentimental and meaningful bits and bobs.
Shelly is meeting one-on-one with you, or bring a friend along as well, and you have an hour long session to re-design and create a wonderful new piece with your old jewelry.

In addition, Terri will be in to take all that old, broken, unwanted gold off your hands, and give you something to treat yourself to either the workshop or something different. You will not need an appointment for this, just come on in with your gold.
There are many possibilities using old pieces from broken necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.
This is a Shelly Johnston design.

Sign up HERE. Space is limited so be sure you get the time slot you want. 

Are you not in Asheville? But still want your old jewelry made into something new? Contact me, and Shelly can use your grandma's or mother's jewelry and make something just for you! She loves custom work. You would just mail your pieces to the shop, and consult with Shelly over the phone, maybe even Skype, and the two of you can design something fabulous. She will make it and ship back to you. 

A wonderful opportunity to make use of all that old jewelry.
See you there! OR I will hear from you soon. 

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