Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Walking on Wednesday ~ now Running on Thursday?

I am starting to think I should rename Walking on Wednesday - I have not been very good at actually posting on Wednesdays. Plus, I am running now for most of the route. So maybe Running on Thursday? 

I measured my route last week, before the Jingle Bell run (my first public run!) and found the distance was 2 miles. So this is now my standard workout, and I am concentrating on keeping it as much 'run' as I can.

Yesterday (Thursday), I noticed that the run didn't hurt as much as it had the previous 3 days. The 5K run did have it moments of pain, so I treated myself with a day off Sunday. Then on Monday I went for my normal run, or so I thought, but when I actually ran it was not smooth, it was HARD! I ended up walking most of the time. Tuesday, a little better, but still much walking. Wednesday, I ran almost the whole time, but it was not easy. At my turnaround spot in the middle of the run, I gladly walked a wee bit until I could catch my breath. Then I took up to a run again, but it hurt, and all I longed for was to be done.

I was getting worried that my one public race would be the end of this running thing for me. Did I really want to run? Did I really need to push myself that much? It was hard, and 'walking is good for you too', I reasoned.

I nearly accepted this, too. Thursday, I had no expectations of running. I started with a brisk walk, down my long driveway and up that first doozy of a hill. At the top of the hill, I felt different. I ran, and it felt natural. 'Okay', I thought, 'run then!' I ran to the turnaround, and was surprised that I didn't need the walk at that point, I kept running. I made it all the way to my driveway running. There was even a sprint at the end there, thanks to LadyJ (my Cocker Spaniel) chasing a squirrel I wasn't prepared for. (Running suddenly fast downhill is very hard to do without falling down at the end of a 2 mile run. Just sayin.)

It was walking up the driveway for my cool down that I began to really believe that I could keep running. I could train for the Shamrock Run in March, and by then I could even add the extra mile into my daily routine to make that run even better than the one I had just done.

It started raining by the time I got to the house. I stood in the rain, loving the cool wetness on my sweaty head. It felt great, I felt great. Me - who looks really goofy running (I discovered this looking at the pictures my daughter took at the race on Sat!). Me - who gave up running in middle school in favor of the pool. (I did much better on the swim team than I ever would have done on the cross country team) Me - with the bad knees that normally swell to the size of elephant legs after running. I felt great after running 2 miles, no problem!
Life is funny that way. It has a way of reminding us we can accomplish things when we put a little effort into it, and let ourselves succeed. We can do things we once thought were impossible. We can make the impossible possible.

I never thought I would want to join races at age...well at this age. I never thought my knees would let me be a runner. I just kinda fell into it really. Back when I started walking everyday, I started with no expectation other than to walk every day. It evolved into this - running and feeling great about it! 

I even still have bells on my shoes, reminding me of what I can do.
See how you can surprise yourself when you just let yourself do things you never thought you could?

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