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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Walking on Wednesday ~ Creative Solutions

I have not been one to be very good at creative solutions. It is generally not my strong point. If you think of a solution, I can certainly get it done for you! I can help you, I can encourage, and maybe perhaps add to that idea, but creating one myself, all by myself - not so good at. 

Even the solution to this problem.

This is not a new problem. Nor are there many solutions to this problem. A paperclip is the common one. Unless you opt for the PROPER solution and go to the eye place and have them properly fix it.

But me? Well today I HAD to find a fix and fast. The kids missed the bus, and at 7 a.m. I am not ready for contact lenses. And of course, I DID need to see when I was driving. (I won't tell you about the time in high school when I tested this hypothesis)

So I resolved to find a quick fix. Upon investigation, it became clear that the screw hadn't just fallen out, it broke and there was still some left in! UGH. And I had brought ALL the paperclips to the shop, there wasn't a single one in the house. 

What does one like me do then? A straight pin. I happen to have an abundance of those, and some even already bent, thanks to my quilting attempts. So Voila!

Straight pin pushed in as far as it would go, then wrapped around for added strength. A sewer's fix. Much more stylish than a paperclip, no? 

Alas, this fix lasted only until I put on my hat to go running. I guess I bumped it too much, and it came apart. Strapped for time this time, I put on my contacts and ran. Along the way solved some other problems that were in my head, so hopefully those issues will work out and go as the creative solution played out in my head. 

Now if I could just get this Walking on Wednesday done on Wednesday, now there would be a timely creative process, not a late one. Ah well, sometimes you just can't rush creativity.....

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  1. I would have just had a broken pair of glasses and unable to fix it so that is awesome that you thought to do that!


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