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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Blog Shoppers - WEEKEND SALE - Gadget Cozies Galore!

Gadget Cozies? What are they?
They are wool, they are felted, and they cozy up your most prized gadget. It will fit a cell phone, an ipod, your glasses, and many other gadgets that you need to carry.  You can hook it to yourself easily, and travel lightly. 

These are new to my shop, both Etsy and Zibbet, and I am offering a deep discount to my followers and fans for the entire weekend.  Just contact me and mention Gadget Cozies Galore, and you will get 50% off the listed prices.  I will give you the choice of a Paypal refund, or adjusting the price before you purchase.  Just contact me to work out the details. That means you will get each cozy for $5, or $6 with the clasp!

Sale Starts Saturday April 24th and ends Sunday April 25th at midnight.

And please check the Saturday Blog Shoppers hub for other GREAT deals by other great sellers!

I am happy to share this great deal with all my followers and fans and will even extend a discount on shipping for multiple item orders.  I will entertain wholesale requests as well. Please contact me to discuss.


  1. Those are adorable! AND a great deal! Off to check out your shop!

    Look us up when you move to Asheville!

  2. Wow, you're offering a really great deal! Good luck!

  3. WOW...this is a great sale! I need to look more at your shop!

  4. hey cool stuff! I think I'll get my boyfriend one of those, one of these days.

  5. Okay love the cozies hope you have a great day

  6. I had a go at making a gadget cosy and ... well, let's just say it certainly wasn't as fab as yours are! :-)

  7. Cute idea!!! Sorry I didn't get by yesterday, my computer doesn't work in bad weather hardly!


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