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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Music Monday! Listing in the Land Down Under...Zibbet

Raige Creations has decided to expand! I heard about and decided to check it out and discovered it is from the 'Land Down Under' -Australia!   Who isn't intrigued with the idea of Australia and Vegamite sandwiches after hearing Men at Work's song, Land Down Under? (Love the song, but the sandwich must be an acquired taste)

After a bit of research, I learned from their website, "the idea for Zibbet was initially born out of a desire to create an eBay alternative for Artisans. Johnathan Peacock (Zibbet's founder), saw first-hand how hard it was to sell your creative products. From seeing his Grandma stop selling her crocheted handicrafts at the local market, because it was "too cold" and "not worth it", to seeing his wife's cousin stop selling her paintings on eBay, because it was too expensive to list and weren't selling at a worthwhile price. He knew that there had to be a better way.....  The name Zibbet was fashioned in the first 2 weeks of the concept starting and stems from the word exhibit. It was chosen as a catchy and easy name for people to remember and pass on."  Brilliant, I say!

The Zibbet logo is even reminiscent of Australia.  Then the Land Down Under tune pops in my head, so join me and enjoy this blast from the past!  I even managed to find the Pop-Up Video!

So, Raige Creations is now open on Zibbet too!  It is a great community of artisans who are very friendly and helpful. And best of all you can sign up for free, list for free, and sell for free! There are options to upgrade your store, and pay a minimal $9.00 monthly fee for Premium Account and get additional features to further customize your shop. This rate is good for life right now, and when 500 are sold, then will raise the price again.  (Click here to find out more - when I checked there were only 498 left!) 
Happy Music Monday!


  1. Love your blog (now following) and now I'll be singing that song for the rest of Monday!

    Happy Monday!

  2. I was curious about Zibbet, that is interesting tidbits, and yet another song i haven't heard in forever! :D

    LOL>> it's kinda funny that the pop up video happened to be paused on "wearing tight pants during physical activity can severely aggravate jock itch" LOOOOOOL!

  3. Totally enjoyed this article! Thanks. Vicki


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