Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Music Monday! Polyphony Marimba

What a treat it was yesterday to leave the shop, after several very long days working, and find this in the park across the street.
It had just rained, and the sun came out again, and the music started playing. A very light, relaxing way to end my work week. (I have help at the shop today, and thus am still at home....a much needed first day of a two day break for me!)
Though I missed recording the beginning of the song, I got most of it here. (Sorry for the unsteady arms, I am new at taking video's on my phone. )

I was so enjoying this, we bought a CD and I played it while I cooked last night. Quite a pleasant way to cook, I might add.
Their CD cover says:
May the reality and power of love 
imbue each note with redemption, 
magnificent enough to inspire 
us to find another way to live. 
~ from "Kutambura Kwavo"

Enjoy, and if you like as much as I did, you can get a CD of your own on their website. 
(And, I learned how to upload a video to Youtube. Finally. Always good to learn something new.)
Happy Monday!

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