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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Music Monday! Drive

The perfect driving song, we listened to this on our drive to Greenville, NC. Last week was my son's college orientation, and we loaded up the car, and drove.

It was the first road trip we have taken since we moved here, going on 2 years ago. It is a quite pleasant 5 1/2 hour drive, and after only 2 years in the mountains, we found it interesting how flat that side of the state is. (I was also surprised at the comfort I felt once we returned to the mountains.) 

A beautiful campus, East Carolina University is in the small city of Greenville, NC, with the city population of only around 84,000. Compared to Asheville, the kids said it is flat and were surprised there were no tall buildings. 

Pitt County Court House
Greenville City Hall

The highest building downtown is three stories tall. In contrast to that, the campus has dorms 10 stories tall.

We all liked the campus though. Gorgeous architecture. 
Cotton Hall, one of the oldest residence halls

The park in the center of campus is beautiful, filled with squirrels, Petey the Pirate, and plenty of trees that need hugs.

And did I mention their colors are PURPLE and gold? My kind of campus.

The Fine Arts Building is surrounded with great sculptures.

Plus there is a fountain for relaxing.
I think my son will enjoy it here. A beautiful campus, a city not too intimidating, and I hear the football games are awesome. At least the stadium is awesome!
The drive is not too far, and not too close. Just the way he likes it. He goes back again in August, when we will have another road trip across the state. 
As long at this song is on the playlist, I think we can all handle going from the mountains to flat, and back again, where the beauty and the protection of the mountains seems to have planted itself into our feelings of 'home'. 

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  1. How exciting! There must be some relief, as well as remorse or nostagia, having one fly the coop; but it's proof you've done a good job and your son seems on the right track in his life. And love that pic of you!


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