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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walking on Wednesdays - Walking Down Memory Lane

Let's Take a Walk Down Memory Lane
the art show we went to
This past week has been full of memories for me.  Starting with our family going to an art show opening last Friday.  It had been years since we have attended a function like this. I hate to say how many years. It was a big deal for us, especially since in our former lives, we put on art shows like this on a regular basis when we owned an art gallery.

So I had to dig out my dress clothes. They were still in a suitcase since our move last August. In there, I found all my skirts and clothes I used to wear when I had to look nice on a regular basis. 
My Toekini's - Blue Rose on Black

These days, jeans and a tee shirt are the wardrobe of choice, so seeing all these dress clothes was like being in a time warp. I found a skirt I barely fit into, made a set of Toekini's to go with the outfit, and dressed up for the first time in many years. 

I found a dress I had worn to my first prom in that suitcase too. I kept it because I love the style, it was pink with lace and puffy sleeves. Yes, it was the 80's, but I always loved that old fashioned style of the puffy sleeves, fitted waist, and skirt that flowed. 
My wedding dress was the same style. 
Me - in my puff ball dress
Fast forward a few days, and there we were digging through boxes of memorabilia in the basement, and found commemorative mugs and china from Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding.  
Prince Charles and Lady Diana Commemorative Mug - 1981
It has been 30 years since that Royal Wedding.  Seeing the images from that fairytale wedding of the century, I realized it must have had an impact on me when I was 10 years old and watching it intently from our living room back in 1981.  I realized my dress was the same puff ball style as Princess Diana wore, though hers was a bit more ornate and worth a tad more than mine.
Fairytale Wedding of the Century
Here we are gearing up for another Royal Wedding, and I have to say I am little excited. In just over a week, Prince William and his beautiful bride Kate Middleton will be at the center of our attention for the Royal Wedding of this century. What will Kate's dress be like? I wonder if the girls who witness this event will unknowingly choose their wedding dress in the same style as Miss Kate years later.  

Prince William & Kate Middleton
Will it be another fairytale wedding? Will it be as much of an event as his parents wedding was? Over 750 million people watched Prince Charles and Lady Diana get married on television, add to this those that listened on the radio and the number rose to over a billion. 

Maybe it won't capture the world's attention like the one in 1981 did, but don't we all love a good fairytaleI know I will be trying to catch a glimpse of the Wedding of this Century.

Let's just hope this century's Royal Fairytale has a happy ending.
First kiss as Mr. & Mrs. "Raige"


  1. Loved your walk down memory lane this morning!! You look like a dream in your puffed-sleeve wedding gown!!

    Deb at Casual Day Designs

  2. Jeans are daily wear for me too, but it is fun to get dressed up once in awhile. :) And aren't trips down memory lane so much fun? Oh, things you remember...

  3. Thanks for letting us walk along with you. I had to wear a dress back in January....very strange!

  4. That was awesome, Ms. Rebecca - what a beautiful, blushing bride you were, and I know that you were stunning at the Art Show, too! Wonderful sharing, thanks so much!

  5. Loved reading this article! And your toekinis are super elegant and sexy!:)
    Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you enjoyed the art show. I miss them too, I worked at Art Galleries in Alaska, while we lived there.

  6. Yep, jeans and t-shirt,sweatshirt here too on a daily basis. Thanks for taking me on a walk today. Great post.

  7. I remember watching that wedding also! I also had a pink fluffy prom dress, and a somewhat puffy wedding gown! Memory lane is a nice place to be sometimes!! I'm not sure I even own a dress I can fit into anymore....after quitting "work" to stay home....I'm all jeans, stretchy pants(only at home) and t-shirts also! Thank you for this lovely walk!

  8. Rebecca... what a truly memorable trip down memory lane for all of us. You were such a beautiful bride yourself and sounds like that fairytale continues and will most certainly have a happy ending.

    Thank you. Hugs, Faye

  9. Lovely, Rebecca. Am about to go up into our roof over next few days - always the sort of time these things are re-discovered - soo nostalgic.

  10. Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I can get so lost looking at old pictures too. Memory Lane is a great place, but only if you can share with someone from the Here and Now Lane. :)


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