Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Walking on Wednesdays - Clearing my head and starting fresh

With the first of the Walking on Wednesday series 
came a revelation. 

Walking can clear the mind, 
and allow for a fresh start.

It started out as a day with potential - 
so much on the to-do list. 
Listing new flowered Toekini's, making new ones, 
finishing my inventory count 
(so much inventory ~ I have so much to create!!)
Yellow Rose Toekini's ~ sold within 1 hour of listing!
Then, entering  shipping receipts from January until now, 
entering sales into a new spreadsheet. 
I am now an editor for, 
need to write an article for, 
on and on.
This was starting to stress me
Then I got notice the Toekini's I listed just sold!
Now to package, print shipping label, go to Post Office.
My list grew and grew

Quickly, it became clear 
that I was becoming overwhelmed. 
And, for me, 
too much to do means
nothing gets done

So I abandoned everything, 
got my loyal in house walking companion 
and set off to just walk.  
Walking Companion suddenly interested in birds
Walking started off with my mind racing, 
organize workspace, then create, no then answer emails,
no, answer emails, promote shops for the Welcome Team Z group, 
check Etsy Teams for upcoming shows,
NO - CREATE, then answer emails, oh, I don't know! 

But then, I was out of breath ~ that hill was tough! 
My mind was suddenly off my list. 
Hey, what was that? 
A big bird! 
I too was suddenly interested in birds 
like my walking companion.

And I noticed, 
Bird nests were everywhere.
Or whatever this nest housed.
Bird Nest?
And this one, brilliantly built in our carport, 
inside the hanging hose. 
Bird Nest Cleverly Built
Purpose driven creativity.
To house new life, a fresh start.
Up close of Clever Bird Nest.
My head became clear. 
My mind focused.
Take the cue from nature
and start fresh

Walking can clear the mind... 
now...what can I make for dinner?
and I gotta get that purple rose toekini listed....
and I never answered that email....


  1. Walking does have the amazing ability to bring things back into focus! I did the same thing this morning, took a walk instead of worrying about that to-do list. I was glad I did. :) Congrats on that quick sale, what fun! :)

  2. Nice :-)
    A walk is always good to clear the mind


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