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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year - New Look for Raige Creations!

You have probably noticed that Raige has a new look. After one year, Raige began to feel like she had found her groove, and the old banner just didn't fit anymore. It was dated, dark, and just not right.  Bring in Judy, aka Portable Graffiti Graphics, and my husband, and voila! The fresh new Raige.
That makes it sound like it was easy. Well, as Judy found out, it never is that easy with me. Indecisive, picky, and often slow to respond, I changed my mind several times.  My husband, who may be a touch pickier than me, would add his opinion and a bit of his artistic critique, and we would be back to the drawing board.

In fact, we are still working out some details on this one. Stickers - round - a lot of information. This is the original. I had her change it, moving words, putting the web addys around the edge, but as I look at this one, I think maybe we will have to start back at the begining - this one isn't bad!. Sorry Judy - indecisive and picky rears its head again. 

In the end, though, I am really happy with the new Raige. It is just what I wanted, it makes me think fresh, unlimited potential, and that's just the road  Raige Creations & Vintage will be walking down this year. Exploring new directions, adding new patterns, items, vintage finds, and hopefully adding some fine arts to the eclectic mix that Raige has embraced.
Portable Graffiti Graphics walked with me on the journey to the new look of Raige, and provided everything needed for each of my shops. I have new banners, business cards, avitar, web ad, and soon those stickers that Raige will stick to everything she can. 
So now we embark on a new year of Raige, and I think it's going to be a good year.

Raige hopes that each of you have high hopes for the coming year as well. What is this year going to bring for you? 


  1. Looking good!
    Judy is so easy to work with :-)

  2. Love the new look. Congrats on turning one. Hope the next year is good for you.


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