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Friday, July 9, 2010

Celebrating the Road Trip - Carhenge.

We are just returning from a road trip, and after finally recovering from the days on the road (exhausting!), I stumbled across a fitting tribute to all Road Trippers - CarHenge!

Although after 2 days of 12 hours on the road, I didn't want to see any more cars, I saw this tribute to Stonehenge, in Alliance, Nebraska, USA, fittingly made from US cars, and loved it! 

Carhenge was conceived in 1987 by Jim Reinders as a memorial to his father. While living in England, he studied the structure of Stonehenge, which helped him to copy the structure's shape, proportions, and size.

Here is Carhenge compared with Stonehenge.  

Other automobile sculptures were subsequently added to the location of Carhenge, which is now known as the Car Art Reserve.

The Spawning Salmon - created by Geoff Sandhurst of Canada and The Fourd Seasons - representing the 4 stages of wheat grown in the area. Green for Spring, Yellow for mature, pink for after harvest late summer and white for winter.

My husband told me about it our first day back (he felt like he was still driving) and I had to share this with you - knowing many were out there on the road over the holiday weekend.  He actually saw it in person back in the 80's, before they were all painted grey.

So, maybe next time a Road Trip comes up, you will add this to your itinerary.  A great tribute to an ancient sculpture, this modern day Sculpture Park in Mid-America is a must see for all Road Trippers! Particularly those if us who appreciate art and creativity.

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  1. So cool! I have seen pics on TV, but would like to see in person someday. I have never driven across the US...someday, maybe.


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