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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blog Feature! Thanks to Brandy at Giveaway Blogdom. Inspired GWP.

Brandy at Giveaway Blogdom is such a hard worker! She is always finding great sellers to feature and who give great deals and offer giveaways to die for! Not to mention her hectic life as a mom and mom to be!

I am so honored that she is featuring me and Raige Creations today! Here is the feature.

I am so thankful that I have come this far with Raige Creations, both on Etsy and Zibbet, and feel it is time to offer my first GWP! (Gift With Purchase for those of  you not familiar with retail lingo)

Raige Creations is offering A FREE GADGET COZY with a purchase of $10 or more. 
(Toekinis can be included in this because with shipping it would be more than $10)

You can pick your FREE GADGET COZY from the Royal Collection or the Blue Stripes Collection.

Make sure to note which one you would like in the message to seller, and it will be included iwth your package at no extra cost.

Thank you to all my followers, fans, friends, loyal customers for helping me and Raige Creations to become worthy of be featured!


  1. Yeah, we all lack time, huh? I would buy it if I could. ;)

    Nice offer. Now I'm off to check out the feature on your shop. Good luck.

  2. What a great feature about you! I left a comment!


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