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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Etsy store

Raige Creationson came to life, fittingly, in January of 2010.
New year, new decade, etc...

It took a little push...mainly laid off from job, sold house, moved to temporary lodgings with the plan to move again. This gave me the overwhelming feeling that NOW was the time to start doing something I enjoyed and try to get paid for it!

The other push that started the momentum was a very lovely gift from my mother-in-law of yarn and a crochet hook, some patterns, and a quick reminder lesson or two. After a few practice things (I made a small and large gift bag much like the yellow one here - which I now use to store my hooks and yarn)

I was really motivated to create more things!

And voila:
Purses & cell phone holder


Where to sell was the next question. I had read of through a magazine, all things handmade. It is a nice sight and makes it very easy for vendors to showcase, sell, and get support from other creators. And very affordable. Perfect for Raige Creations!

Now my only limits are my own mind and limited time!

I let my imagination go.
Purple Pouch and Stick Shift Cozies!

Yes, I did say STICK SHIFT COZY....

But I do like purple...Purple Tassel Shoulder Bag or Purse.

My imagination was taking off....

I lept off and started playing with different materials....stay tuned...

Check out more pix of these items, prices, and more on Raige Creationson

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