Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Walking on Wednesday ~ One Less Thang

My new mantra of late - That's One Less Thang.

Even spoken like Forrest Gump.

Because every time I finally get rid of something I have been trying to unloaded for a long time, or every time I cross something off my long, long list, or every time I pack yet another box, I utter:

'Well, that's good. One less thang!'

A sense of relief, even though I have much, much more to do.
Many more boxes or bins to load with things we just can't part with.

Many many trips to storage, for the things we have to ship.

Every day something added to the list that I can't forget to do.

Thankfully, not really too much more to purge, compared to what we started with.

But each thing gone, packed, and crossed off the list is one less thang.

And that ain't so bad. 

Do your mantras change? 
Mine sure do, like here, here, and here just to mention a few.

And one here that I still say so often (thanks again hubby!), as that day will soon be here where we are actually where we want to be.

What is your latest mantra?

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