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Monday, May 26, 2014

Music Monday! Craigslist

It has been almost an obsession lately.
I hate it, but I love it at the same time.
Of course, Weird Al had something to say about Craigslist.

I have listed a good many things on Craigslist, after our massive purging over the past few months, and also years ago when we last moved.
Things we didn't want or need anymore, things we decided we couldn't move with us, things the kids have grown out of, furniture, cars, motorcycles, tv's. (Sadly, no slightly used sombrero to throw in.) 

Why give them away when you can get a little dinero?

So I listed, and yes I fielded MANY scams, dealt with ignorant and difficult people, even had someone try to return an item after picking up and taking home and fiddling with it. (I won't go into details about our newbie mistake years ago, like taking a check from someone wanted by the police for check fraud and writing bad checks)

I have had email after email, asking for explanations and haggling prices. And giving directions for pick up - I have never asked out loud so often why some people don't have GPS! (I am notoriously bad at giving directions....)

All of these the 'hate' part of the love/hate feelings I have for Craigslist.

But I do love it too, because for the most part the people I have dealt with have been great! They get something they wanted at a price they are happy with, I get rid of something we didn't want and get a little something for it. 

The added bonus is I don't have to put it in my car and take it anywhere, they come to me!

All a great thing when my days have been filled with the big change in our lives. It makes it easier to get rid of things, really.

I also feel that I am much smarter and more savvy in dealing with people after these experiences. I got pretty good at spotting a scam, there were certainly many examples I fielded. 

In case you might be interested in the listings I have they are!

Verizon Wireless Jet Pack WiFi Hotspot

iDog Soft Speakers - Set of 2

PS3 Tony Hawk Ride video game, board, and connector

Basketball Hoop - Sand Filled

Grid Wall Display or Storage

Rampage BMX System 20 Hard Tail Bicycle

Carrera DSY 100 Mountain Bike

And there may be more! 
Hubby just mentioned wanting to list some paint, 2 army jackets, and something else I forgot because I have so many things going on in my head.

So, thank you Craigslist, for the space to unload crap. 
Isn't it great to have one place to advertise your eclectic collection of trash TREASURE??
Even though it is a love/hate experience, overall, it has worked out pretty good. And thank you Weird Al for a relevent-to-me parody of a great band
Hope I didn't just jinx myself and now get a line of terrible people to deal with.....


  1. Heheh, I have a love hate relationship with Craigslist as well. I have a hard time finding what I want, usually, and mixed results with listing things online! I was planning to list all the old baby things my kids have grown out of, but I ended up giving away most of the clothes to another family who needed them. The rest of it... well, yes, having extra cash to throw at expenses would be nice. I'm hoping for good karma. :P

  2. I am hoping for good karma too! thank you.
    I often wonder if the extra cash we get is worth all the time and effort, and frustration, we endure to get it. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.


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