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Friday, June 10, 2011

Zibbet Has No Listing and No Sales Fees. It's True!!

YES - you can offer your beautiful handmade creations for FREE. 
You can SELL your creations FREE.

Zibbet offers completely free shops, with limited features true, but free.

Like Features? 
Well, Zibbet offers cheap, 
yes cheap monthly fees 
OR very cheap yearly fees.

Click on that little birdie, he is saying get a shop for CHEEP CHEEP! heehee.

Now is the time to expand your markets and reach a whole other world of customers.

Not to mention the Community is wonderful.  
You will meet other sellers, buyers, and get all the help an support that is lacking on other venues.

And you will soon find out the staff at Zibbet 
is unlike any other venues. 
They listen! 
They interact! 
They are supportive! 

Click here, and start your successful shop!


  1. So how do your sales compare on Zibbet and ArtFire? I might be jumping off the ArtFire ship if things don't pick up, so I'm kind of keeping an eye open for another place to go.

  2. great write up Rebecca. Still have to do mine...only have 24 followers and they are all on Zibbet anyway !!???... but maybe someone else will read it.

  3. Great Post! Melissa. Zibbet allows you to link to your other bshops (Yeah. they really do!). Build a shop on Zibbet and then you can refer your buyers to it. This way they'll be buying from you without listing or commission fees!

  4. Melissa, Ditto what artemis53 says.

    You can open a Zibbet shop and still keep AF until you are ready to jump ship. Zibbet even has an AF importer so importing you AF stuff is super EASY!!

    My sales are pretty good, and getting better as Zibbet grows. It is a different group of buyers on Zibbet, so spread your stuff, is what I say. Good Luck!

  5. I ♥ Zibbet and feel fortunate to not only sell my goodies but meet such terrific people!

  6. He All, do you know about

    $8.99 for your first month! The Next Five are on us.
    Setup your hassle free shop, with our FREE importer tool.
    List up to 100 items (unlimited inventory count per item)

    *We only have 500 to offer, so hurry on over to Groove Press and open your shop today.

    No listing fees
    No final valuation fees
    No exclusive contracts
    No commissions
    No shop expiration
    · No HTML required.

    When you sign up for our "New" Advanced Package for the low, low price of only * $8.99. You will get access to every feature. You will also get increased on-site exposure, and if you ever need help we have a friendly customer support team.


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