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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Walking on Wednesdays - prepping with Body & Soul products

I need to get in shape. I am terrible at being a consistent exerciser. So you, my values readers, are now my walking partners.
Each week, Wednesdays will be 
Walking on Wednesdays.

I will share with you photos of my walks, things I saw on my walks, things I thought about on my walks, and maybe even some 'walk-throughs' of interesting places, shops, or ideas.

You all will be my motivation, 
my push, to get out there and walk, 
enjoy nature, and get fit, 
even if some days only mentally fit.  
Are you with me?

Today we will cover some necessary things to prepare for, and recover from, walks. I was lucky enough to receive some sample sized items from Body & Soul Products, so will be featuring some of these products to help us get ready.

First, Your feet.
This Citrus Kiss Solid Moisturizer is something I had never used before. I had never used any solid moisturizer before. I usually just pick up whatever is at the store, cheapest. 
Citrus Kiss Solid Moisturizer
The lable says ‘Great for hands, elbows, knees, feet, or anywhere….you need pampering.’

It comes in a little deoderant style dispenser. So I popped the lid off, took a whiff, and oh boy this smells nice. So I went a little nuts. I smoothed it on my feet first. 

Blue Flip Flop Toekini's
and my feet after application
It went on so nice, not greasy at all! So smooth, and almost instantly the dry spots disappeared. My skin just soaked it up! 

So then I decided, onto knees, elbows, and hands, oh yes! (My hand are dry all the time.) It is so great or hands because it is not greasy! I rubbed it on them and dare I say they began to glow

The smell is just right, kissed with citrus. It is not overpowering in the least. It is just enough to make it very pleasant. (It does not fight with my perfume either, which is perfect, because I love my perfume, and hate when it conflicts with the heavy scents of some of those store bought lotions.)  I think this will become my after shower ritual. Shower, dry, get kissed by citrus.

Next, your FACE.
Refresh your face with Strawberry Facial Toner
Strawberry Facial Toner
Light and fresh, it sooths and calms the skin. This toner is not like the store bought toners! It smells great, it does not burn, and leaves your face felling fresh, soft, and clean.  I cannot tell you how nice it is to find a toner that does not burn! 

Perfect motivation to get out there and walk!

Let's not forget the LIPS.
Body & Soul Products lip balms, or Pout Pots, are, as my daughter exclaimed when she tried it, "this is SO nice, look at my lips - I LOVE IT SO MUCH"
Pout Pots, or lib balms
We got the Caramel flavored lip balm and all I can say is: Wow - soft and smooth! It also leaves your lips shimmery and soft. Not bold color, but just enough of a shine. My daughter tried it before school one day. She put some on, said, "oooo, can I take it to school"She said everyone around asked if she smelled caramel and she told them it was her lips.
I haven’t seen it since.  Oh, and she said also, in no uncertain terms, "You HAVE to buy me more of that!" I don't know of a better recommendation than that.

And for AFTER the walk.
Kissable Massage Oils
Some massage oil. Ok, let's have some fun with it and use Kissable Massage Oil, so all the sore parts can be taken care of.  The label says this is "good for one application for a back massage or several small body parts :0) ". Perfect.
I received the Cherry Cheesecake flavor, and let me tell you this smells like the perfect cherry cheesecake! It is not an overpowering smell, it is actually relaxing. The oil is soft and smooth, definitely massage worthy. It will be wonderful after a nice long walk. I may just have to get some 'Morning Coffee' flavor though, as my husband is a big coffee drinker. *devilish smile here*.

Tomorrow, I will finish reviewing all the goodies I got in my sample bag, and recover from the walk I took today. Maybe I will go for another! Now that Walking on Wednesday is launched, I have the needed motivation to keep walking, and you, my readers, are the needed push to get me out there! 
Thank you!


  1. Love the solid moisturizer for the feet...and elbows and knees:) And you've inspired me to try walking is great exercise! Thanks for Walking on Wednesdays inspiration!

  2. What a great blog! I can't wait to try some of the Body & Soul products... The Kissable Massage Oil sounds like it could be a lot of fun. :-D I may have to get the Tutti Fruiti.. (after all Tudi is my nick name) :-)

  3. What a wonderful idea for a blog series!! I love it!! And today's Body & Soul products are pretty wonderful too. Thanks for bringing us all on this journey with you!!

  4. Great review! Great products! Can't wait to try some!

  5. I love walking, in all the seasons. It's the only form of exercise I enjoy, this time of year is particularly pleasant, especially on a warm spring day like today! :)

  6. I love the idea of Walking on Wednesdays and taking photos to post. I only hope I remember!! We retired folk tend to forget the day of the week since we don't have to work. Anyway - this will be especially great for me since my blog is for beginning to advanced intermediate photographers. I can post my posts on my blog and reference your blog!

    Fun to see you here.


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