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Friday, March 4, 2011

Book Review -The Handmade Marketplace

I received this great book by chance.
I won Everyday Inspired's giveaway in January and this book was part of the prize pack.

It came with a great bookmark too, from Additions style.

"Why do you craft?
Are you compelled to create something with your hands?

Whatever your personal reason for handcrafting, making this can not only be good for your soul,
it can also be good for your bottom line.
Selling your creations is empowering."
from the introduction of
The Handmade Marketplace, How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and Online.

If these questions and statements ring true with you,
this book will be a good read.
It is a wonderful guide for navigating
a very unique marketplace.
It is a resource full of useful tips, suggestions,
inspiration for setting the scene for success.

Important chapters focus on establishing basic business practices, marketing, and many different selling options, all discussed in detail and with relevant tales and advice from other, well established people who make and sell their creations.

I found the section about selling in brick and mortar stores very helpful. It covered everything from getting a foot in the door, advice for presenting you items, to detailing common consignment and wholesale practices.

It was the extra push Raige needed
to go to the local gift shop.
And she can proudly say
she is now represented by the shop!

 There is a craft fair scene section too, taking us from application process to designing a booth, and even starting your own craft fair.

Raige will be particularly interested in this section in the next month because
Raige Creations applied for her first
juried arts festival,
in the hopes of spreading some more Toekini Raige.
Toekini ideas from a custom order
This whole prize pack actually inspired me (Raige) in so many ways.
I continue to read Everyday Inspired, becuase it consistantly gives me new perspectives,
creative ideas, and beautiful pictures
thrown in every now and then.

We certianly need this as we maneuvre the big bad world of The Handmade Marketplace.


  1. Yay! Go Raige :-)

    I also have that book, the man in my life bought it for me to inspire me to do more with the crocheting. It's sitting on the shelf waiting for the right moment :-)

    (I think his procrastination is catching!)

  2. Thank you for sharing! I truly need to get this book:)

  3. I purchased five used business books over the summer. This was by far the best and is the one I keep going back to. Reading it helped me decide to take the big step to selling online.

  4. Congrats on getting your work into a brick and mortar shop!

    I hope you will be spreading Toekini Raige at the juried art show too!

    I am glad you found this book as inspiring as I did.

    Also, a big thanks for the kind words about my blog.



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