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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

There are 4 weeks until Thanksgiving and 8 weeks until Christmas. We are officially starting the holiday season, and thinking, or stressing, about what gifts to get for Mom, Dad, kids, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. If we are also working full time, running our own small businesses, planning to entertain, or some other time consuming task, shopping can end up on the bottom of the list of things to do.

Therefore, I am happy to bring you Wish List Wednesday, a new weekly series running each Wednesday for 8 weeks, from now until those few days before Christmas, when stress is at its peak. It will assist you in your search for great gift ideas, and even menu suggestions or tips for getting ready for the holidays. And to make it even easier, each week will focus on an item that can be purchased right form the comfort of your computer, no rushing out to the store to wait in line. You can create your shopping list and shop right from here, just click and you are done. You can even add things to your own wish list.  Hopefully, this will ease the stress by the time Christmas arrives.

Week 1: Give a gift that will give year round -
Vintage Magazine Rack by funkiefinds
You may think this sounds like a cop-out gift, one that is too easy, with not much thought behind it. I've found this gift can be quite the opposite. It shows a person you really understand their interests, you support them in their pursuits, and you are thinking of them every month, all year long. 

Choose a magazine that showcases their interests, dreams, or hobbies. There is a magnitude out there for just about every subject there is, so it shouldn't be too tough to find one that will captivate your recipient and let them know you really understand what they like.

For example, do you have a teenager on your list? They are tough ones to buy for. Besides the latest iPods and cell phones, what else to they really want? They might not realize it, but a magazine is just the thing that can give them everything they are into, and not cost a small fortune. That hard-to-buy-for male on your list? What is his hobby or obsession? I bet there is a magazine out there for him. Your picky sister? Yup, there is definately one for her!

Specific Suggestions:
  • Teenage Girl: Teen Vogue has everything a teen girls is interested in: fashion, makeup tips, music news, movie news, and yes, boy info too.  We gave this to our daughter last year, and she looks forward to getting her magazine every month. The bonus is she is reading - and not on Facebook when reading, and not texting when reading, and not watching TV when reading.

  • Young Man/Older Man: Popular Mechanics
    is truly a man's magazine. My husband insisted we get this for our teenage son last year. I was skeptical thinking this was for old computer geeks. But was I wrong! The first issue arrived and our son loved it. There is a wide variety of articles in this magazine, from consrtuction to science, technologly to cars. And not geeky at all. It is written for men, by men, with a tough no nonsense attitude.  My son loves it, and my husband reads them when our son is finished with them. Two birds with one stone!
  • Discerning Woman: Real Simple is perfect for the woman whose complicated life doesn't leave room for anymore jewelry, clothes, kitchen gadgets, etc.  It is full of thoughtful life lessons articles, fashion and beauty tips, recipes, and organiztional and fitness tips, without the tacky sex articles and advice.  It is a classy, practical magazine that really helps make life a bit more simple. This is my favorite magazine and I give to myself each year. They make it real simple (pun intended) to give gift subscritpions and give discounts on multiples, so one for you and one for your sis means a great price!
  • Art Junkie: Art Forum, though not a cheap one, is the one I would recommend for anyone who is in the art world or appreciates fine art. "There are better reviews and a better diversity from across the world, not just America" said my husband, both an artist and art collector.  This is one of his favorites, and he has tried them all (nearly).

  • Entertainment Junkie: Entertainment Weekly
    is the one-stop shop for all news entertainment. It has reviews from all industries with the facts and information from an insiders perspective, and doesn't sink to tabloid gossip levels. Prior to my home-body lifestyle and dislike of television, this once was an indulgence for me which I thoroughly enjoyed because of its broad scope of movies, DVD, video, TV, music and books.

  • Economically Minded: Bloomberg Business is an invaluable tool providing readers with reliable and respected perspectives on the economy today. My facebook fans will recognize right off the recent post of interview with Mr. Kalin, founder of Etsy, was from Bloomberg. Their reporting showcases business and the economy at large. Great for the beginner business person or seasoned professional, and investors of all kinds. My husband loves Bloomberg for its international perspective and non-partisan approach.
This is only the tip of the iceburg and by no means a comprehensive list.  There are millions of magazines out there, and millions of places that sell them.  The ones I have provided here are simply suggestions from my personal experience, and the links provided are by no means the only place to find good subscription prices.  For example, Popular Mechanics and Teen Vogue subscriptions can be 'purchased' from using reward points. That's what we did. So do look around, see what other magazines and other deals are out there that I missed. 
Hopefully this got you thinking 'outside the gift box'.


  1. Good Suggestion Rebecca, My husband gets lots because of the business he is in. Now I want some on Jewelry, all kinds ;)

  2. This is one of my fav pressies
    I really love getting my magazines in the post each month. And because I get them before they are in the shops I feel extra special!


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