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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Simple Sundays of Chili and Chocolate

Photo Courtesy of Raige
Tea, those deliciously 'evil' hazelnut and chocolate sticks, and the chili stirring spoon makes for a lovely Sunday.
It means all the chores were done by the time football starts. The laundry folded and put away, the dinner prepped (just stirring intermittenly throughout the afternoon), showered and in Sunday comfy clothes. 

You might not understand the big deal of the Pirouline's . These, once upon a time way back when we were a younger family who was content with enough to be able to treat ourselves with yummy treats and the time for tea, were our favorite. A very fancy to us, decadent treat we allowed ourselves when times were good financially. When we took the time to enjoy tea, sweets, and each other. 

We then hit tougher times, busier times. We were working harder, for less rewards. We cut back, we skimped, we scraped by. No chocolate hazelnut goodness. No tea time. 

Years went by living under these circumstances. We accepted it, tried to find other ways to enjoy things. Then, honestly, I forgot all about these lovely, creamy good treats. 

When hubby was with in the store yesterday, he found them and said, 'OH, remember these? We HAVE to get these!" 

Immediately I thought, 'too much! too much money, too much sweet (I want to lose a few pounds!), just too much'. 

But he was adament. "No, put them in the cart, get them. Yes, it is fine, remember how good they are? It has been so long since we had these, and they are SOOOO GOOOOOD!" 

A slight argument ensued. People were looking. I gave in. 

And today? WOW. I can just say, it is so nice to indulge every now and then. So simple, just a few extra bucks, nothing that will break the bank these days, thankfully. Simply chocolate and hazlenut, together in a nice wafer. With tea. Wow. 

We had that little argument after we decided to not splurge on a much needed wanted patio set. We have crap furniture out there right now. We so want to be comfortable out there, but decided to wait. Other things took priority right now. So I thought NO to the treat, even though it was a small short lived treat. But I gave in. Thankfully.

Enough saying NO to things that really won't break the bank!

It's the little things. It's what makes life good. 
Remember it is okay to indulge, enjoy. Be happy.
Picture found on Pinterest.

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