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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Music Monday! Down With The Sickness

Finally feeling almost like normal....
the perfect time to feature Disturbed.

Down With The Sickness.
Because I was so, so sick last week.
So sick I didn't feel at all like myself.
I could do nothing, but sleep and feel rotten.

The sickness...a cold.
I know, that doesn't sound like much.
A cold.
Big whoop.
But dang.
This cold.....wiped. me. out.

No packing, sorting, planning.
No re-stocking the booth, no promoting, no work of any kind. 
At all.
The most I could muster for several days was cooking, and even then I had to sit down in the middle of it and rest. Several times.

Weak, dizzy, congested, coughing, and the headaches!

It brought me to tears.
And it also brought my daughter to tears.
We were the only ones who got sick.
And thus, Hubby and son were the ones who bore the brunt of our illness. 

This could be why they both suggested this song, after I asked for some inspiration because even though I am feeling better, I still was having trouble getting inspired. They had to step up again. 

So I wonder, should I be disturbed that they both have fond memories of this song, from more than 13 years ago?
(Hubby played it every time he was in the car with my son, way back when it first came out, back in 2000....and yes that means my son was about 3 years old when he was jammin in daddys car to this!)

No, daddy-son bonding is good. 
Even if it is with Disturbed.

So, for them, I can share some heavy music. For them, I can step outside my comfort level*, even though I am just starting to feel normal again. 

*Disclaimer: I actually DO like this song, it is one that you just can't help jammin' to, and one that kinda stays in your head, and stays there rather pleasantly....

So let's all enjoy being 'disturbed' for a little bit.


  1. *laugh * On FB some friends and I were just having a discussion about what songs make a parent "cool" versus "bad parent" when the little kid is singing along... conclusion - Macklemore is cool, Taylor Swift is not...

    Sounds like a doozy of a cold - I hope your improvement is rapid!

  2. Ha - I just found out who Macklemore is a few weeks ago.....
    Sadly, I knew who Taylor Swift was all along.....
    The great thing is, my son's music taste is incredibly varied, and sometimes I wonder if early exposure to completely different kinds of music - both disturbed and not so disturbed - was the basis for his explorations in music! I like to think so, but I really don't know where he got the taste for music from the 1930's...but he did.
    Anyhoo, I think just listening to music together can be so very bonding, no matter what it is. (We all like to make fun of music together too!) There is no such thing as 'bad parent' when you are listening together and talking about the music. It is all about sharing and learning. :)
    thanks for the good wishes, I am feeling better, but yes, a doozy of a cold!


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