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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Walking on Wednesday ~ A Day Off ??

I have decided that really doesn't exist for me anymore.
I try. I do.
I try to take a day off - to not think about things that have to be done, people I have to contact, things I have to price at the shop, about ordering inventory, about chores.  
This is what the laundry chore  feels like....

I do try to just do something enjoyable and relax.

Yesterday, it was laundry and dishes, and blogging and checking email, shipping a package (sale from shop), and grocery store.

This is really where I want the hammock to be.....
When I was finally ready to go out and sit in the hammock to just sit and enjoy the warmth of  the sunshine and do nothing else ~ it was taken by my son. 

So I went back in and took up more chores. By the time he left the hammock, I didn't feel like sitting there anymore and was consumed with the good 'ole daily stresses of 'what should I make for dinner tonight?' with the 'oh my god there are so many dirty dishes...I wish I had a dishwasher' and the 'I hope it was ok that I washed a silk skirt in the machine'.

All of this made me think 'does a day off really exist?!?'
and since I am the only day off.

For me, not really. And I bet many of you feel the same way.
Especially us mom's, us who work full time, us who try to make the most out of every day.

Especially those of us who have taken on the burden of a small business owner. Or is it the freedom of a small business owner?

I decided Tuesday would be the day to close the shop. Yes, it is nice that I decide when to open, when to close. I decide what to have in the shop, and what not to. 
I set the schedule, I say how it goes. 
(OK, hubby does have a say too...but you all know that I is really 'us' after almost 20 years of marriage, right?)
with great power comes great responsibility....
Is this freedom? YES. Is this a burden? YES! 
But frankly, it is a burden that brings a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction. (Mixed in with panic and uncertainty.)
Happiness comes in many forms.....

We moan, we complain, but still I only have to answer to myself, well and my husband and kids. We are in this together, and thus should have to answer to each other.

So every time I start to think how tough it is, how much I have to do, how I just want one day off.....I remember this is what I chose, all of it. 

My "day off", even if it doesn't feel like a day off, is all up to me. 

And I wouldn't have it any other way. 


  1. I can sort of relate - After years of working 25 hrs a week at the paying job, I'm having to learn to be a full-time-er. 40+ hours a week at the grocery store certainly leaves me feeling drained and less motivated to do anything at home. And I don't even have kids to care for!

    Most of my days off from the paying job are spent catching up on things that were neglected the rest of the week - chores around the house, running out to do errands, homework for my online classes, etc.

    Lately, I'm working on breaking free of this stagnant phase I've been in, which I wish I could simply blame on the heat (and lack of AC). I believe something is seriously stirring in me to do some major decluttering and organization. I need to establish what really matters to me and ditch the stuff that does not serve me in my best interests. It's a process, for sure. I'll probably blog about it all, too.

    Anyhow, I do hope you find some real time off soon - take a day and go for a hike, don't worry about anything until you get back. Nature, or just getting away from it all, is a wonderful refresher.

  2. Sunfire - I so admire you for getting to that de-cluttering stage! It IS quite the adjustment to working full time, especially more than full time. You will feel refreshed after de-cluttering. And yes, I might just do that in a couple weeks when they are ripping up the sidewalk right in front of my door (thus cutting the traffic to the shop) I will close and go for a nice hike and forget the civilized world for a while.
    Thank you!

  3. I work 7 days a week and lately I have been working at least 10 hours a day. I think as small business owners it is nice to be able to decide when we want to work and when to take a day off. I just finished a huge order and shipped it off today, I am taking a couple of days to just hang out on the computer. I love being able to decide that for myself. You enjoy have Tuesdays off!!
    Everyday Inspired

  4. Valerie,
    Congrats on your big order! That is worth working every day until it's done for sure!
    It makes our decisions all the more worthwhile when we are rewarded by good clients.
    Enjoy your 'down time' and have a little R&R for me too. ;)


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