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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Music Monday! Simple Man

With all that is going on in the world, I heard this song yesterday and absolutely love the message, the lyrics, the simple melody, the calmness of it.

I said to hubby - "This is a beautiful message I wish I had told my sons , well my girl too, years ago. Maybe I should do this as a Music Monday and share it with them now!"

As you all know, I have not been blogging for a while now, and so when he agreed I was a bit surprised! He is all for completely unplugging these days, with all the hacking, the people out there that can just steal your identity, and use the things you share against you. So I have been mainly quiet. Though with the current political circus going, on I have had to work hard to hold my toungue, for fear of unwelcome comments and unneccessary online drama. But to this he agreed, as he loved this message too. And he feels just as strongly as I do about what I hint at below.

All I will say about it is that is is a sad day when a man is rewarded for sexually attacking a woman, lying about it and lying about the kind of man he was (IS??), and lashing out so visciously to anyone who stands in his way when accused. There is more, much much more, that I could say but will stop before I get unwelcome comments and online drama.

The messsage in this song is a timeless message, and I wish nothing more than my kids be satisfied with themselves, and their life. To live a simple life is the way to that end, and I do hope they all don't get bogged down with the complexities and chaos of life.

To my boys and my girl who can take this advice as well as this does not just pertain to boys, and to ALL who need to hear this, no matter what age ~

Boy, don't you worry, you'll find yourself
Follow your heart, and nothing else
And you can do this, oh baby, if you try
All that I want for you my son is to be satisfied

And be a simple kind of man
Oh be something, you love and understand
Baby be a simple kind of man
Oh, won't you do this for me son if you can?

And I would add ~ sadly not as poetically in this great song ~ Do not use the behaviour recently on display in the (USA) as a guide of how to behave yourself. Treat everyone with the respect they deserve, and be true to yourselves. We raised you to be good, truth-telling people, show people this can be done with grace and dignity.

It can be done. This is what the message should be. Be a simple kind of man, woman, human. Be something you love and understand.

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