Moods and Mangoes

I have been full of sour moods lately. I didn't even realize until I started scrolling through my FB rantings.  And, apparently I really have been ranting. My comments without a picture are the most telling.

I guess mornings have been rough.

Luckily, some old humor found me.

Thanks hubby, that one still makes me giggle.
Still, it has been a rough road, for over a month apparently....

But, little rewards are helpful.

I sure hope the next month and a half gets better. 
On a more happy note. Today is Mango Day. 
I got some leftover jars ready to hand out / sell.

And pulled some Mango from the freezer for popsicles and smoothies. 
Today is not the day to make more jam. After the several weeks I have had, I am taking it a bit easy today. Just some happy popsicles, please.

Even just the smell of mangos lifts my spirits. I have been sneaking tastes as the mango defrosts. The first smell literally made me smile. The first taste reminded me life ain't so bad really. 

And that is just it, isn't it? The good tastes so good when you haven't had it for a while. The bad is only bad for a while, and that makes the good even better. Sometimes, we need the moody, the meh, the challenges. And then we need the things that literally make us smile. 

I have muttered to hubby more than once over the past month and a half, while going through my own moodiness he has had some too, one of my favorite sayings when I just don't know what else to say. 

Because it it true. That is just how it goes, this thing called life. And it sounds so much prettier in French. So we move on, enjoying the sweet, funny, moody, etc. 

We embrace the moods, and the mangoes.


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